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Since 2001 ISOMI, Inc. operate at the European market and currently we are working intensively on broadening the scope in the provision of services and our know-how also at Singaporean market. We believe that our company will be able to provide our high-qualified services to mutual satisfaction and on very favorable terms.

European Institute for Research, Innovations and Arts

European Institute for Research, Innovations and Arts was founded in June 2000 as a direct successor to two foundations: European cultural society foundation and European cinematography foundation. Our prime objectives were preparation and implementation of projects in the fields of film making, theater and new media.


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ENSOF, Ltd. established in July 2005, 9 years know-how and experience in the IT field. We understand that information technologies can bring benefits to any field of life of human beings. We provide high quality services to our customers.

ENSOF Asia Pacific

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ENSOF Asia Pacific - Food, event, lifestyle & club photography in Singapore.